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Research target:

The objective of the research project Advanced Functional Nanorobots is
to create an international team which will develop a new category of
nanotechnologies: dynamic nanosystems. 

The aim of the project is to develop nanorobots that will be capable of self-organization and detect-and-act feature. This research will lead into creation of the nanodevices for the real world application, such as detection of biologically active compounds, biomedical applications, targeted drug delivery, environmental remediation and new highly efficient catalysts.

(I) We will develop new nanorobots capable of highly efficient conversion of the chemical energy to kinetic energy, that will allow them to operate at low fuel concentrations. In the frame of the project the following goals will be obtained:

(II) We will develop novel nanorobots with biorecognition elements and capability of “detect-and-act” action. We will investigate complex systems that are highly dynamic and where the ability of the bond is limited more by kinetic aspects than by thermodynamic aspects.

(III) We will develop novel nanorobots with stop/go ability which is important for many applications, especially in the biomedicine field.

(IV) We will develop novel nanorobots with an ability to perform chemotaxis, follow the concentration gradients, and self-organize to large swarms. We will fabricate nanorobots with an ability to communicate with each other in 3D open environment as well as in closed 2D/1D systems, which mimic the human body/vein environment. Experimental research will be complemented with mathematical modelling of the motion of these nanorobots. The additional complexity of these systems stems from the fact that as these motors consume fuel they create concentration gradient in their vicinity. We will develop possibilities to navigate nanomotors, using external magnetic fields, optical navigation or rheology of the surfaces.

(V) We will develop and demonstrate practical application of the coordinated action of thousands of nanorobots for biosensing and environmental remediation.

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